Natural Remedy Provides Rapid Soothing of Chicken Pox

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Published: 10th January 2011
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Chicken pox is a very contagious disease. The scientific name for chicken pox is varicella. The early symptoms of chicken pox include fever, runny nose and cough, loss of appetite, tired or sick feeling and so on. Within twenty four to forty eight hours after the symptoms begin, a rash that looks like red spots appears on the chest, back, or face. Chicken pox can then spread all over the body, including inside the mouth, eyes, and ears. The spots change into blisters, which can be itchy. The blisters break open and crust over within a few days.
Chicken pox usually lasts from five to seven days in children. It usually is more severe and lasts longer in adults. Chicken pox can be spread: through the air when someone with chicken pox sneezes or coughs, through contact with drainage from chicken pox blisters, through contact with respiratory secretions or mucus membranes of people who have chicken pox. Chicken pox can spread to other people even before the rash appears. You are exposed to chicken pox when you are in close contact with someone who has chicken pox blisters.
If you had chicken pox in the past, you are immune. This means you should not get chicken pox again. If you are exposed to chicken pox and you have not had chicken pox or the chicken pox shot, your doctor can do a blood test to see if you are immune. As long as you are not pregnant and you have never had chicken pox before, you can get a chicken pox shot. The shot helps to protect you against chicken pox in the future. Chicken pox can be more serious for people who have certain conditions that affect their immune systems.
Transplant recipients are at a greater risk. So are people who have cancer, HIV, or rheumatologic problems, or who are taking certain medicines. If you have a condition that affects your immune system, tell your doctor right away if you are exposed to chicken pox. Your doctor may give you varicella zoster immune globulin to try to prevent chicken pox. If you break out with chicken pox, tell your doctor so that you can get antiviral therapy. Chicken pox during pregnancy can make the pregnant mother more at risk for developing other problems like pneumonia.
If you are pregnant and you have never had chicken pox before, call your doctor as soon as possible after you have been exposed to chicken pox. Your doctor may order a blood test to see if you are immune. If you are not immune to chicken pox, you may be offered varicella zoster immune globulin. It may provide some protection against chicken pox in pregnancy. If you have been exposed to chicken pox and you are not immune, you should follow these precautions. If you have a doctor's appointment or medical test scheduled, call ahead.
Let them know before you go in that you have been exposed to chicken pox and when you were exposed. When you arrive, go directly to the appointment area. If your appointment is in a hospital, do not go to the gift shop, cafeteria, or other waiting areas. Stay away from friends and family who have not had chicken pox while you are contagious. You should not go out in public places while you are contagious. You should always cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing and sneezing, and then wash your hands.
If you think you have chicken pox blisters, call your doctor's office. Explain that you may have chicken pox blisters before you go in for an appointment. Pox are watery blisters that crust over quickly. They remain extremely itchy until the scabs naturally fall off. Left untreated, lesions may continue to appear anywhere on the body for five days or more. These fresh skin lesions are highly contagious. Fever may continue until the last new lesions appear. The worst effect of infection is the itchiness and can be stopped altogether by natural remedy.
Natural remedy provides rapid soothing of chicken pox symptoms. It is composed of strictly certified organic medicinal plants proven effective against the varicella zoster virus which causes chicken pox. Preventing anyone, let alone a small child, from scratching is very difficult. If scratched, the scabs may be torn off with potential for superimposed infection and permanent scarring. Natural remedy for chicken pox is doctor recommended and proven safe for use. Natural treatments are lipophilic and can be absorbed into your bloodstream easily.
Children find natural remedy for chicken pox extremely soothing for swift reduction in itching, irritation and other symptoms. Natural remedy has significant effect with little side effect and thus is very popular. When treating sensitive skin make sure to use treatments made from certified organic medicinal plant extracts - free from toxic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Only use of certified organic ingredients guarantees your safety. The proprietary formula of natural remedy is guaranteed to provide fast relief of chicken pox symptoms. To learn more, please go to

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